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    Petite outfit

    Dernier Amour

    I ma not going to write a lot today. I wanted to post this outfit a few weeks ago but didn’t have time to take care of it. I am so busy at work…

    May 25, 2018
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    Petite outfit

    Crazy Chic

    It’s been a while I haven’t posted an outfit there. I continue to buy a lot but I was not satisfied with my last pictures. With the winter, the lack of light, and the…

    April 9, 2018
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    Petite outfit

    How to wear the faux fur coat?

    As a Petite, I always have difficulties to find a coat in my size. It’s always too long! It’s been weeks I am looking for a faux fur coat (you might have seen it…

    February 5, 2018